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What is a good KPH & WPM?

Normally above 9000 Keystrokes per Hour considered as good speed and over 9000 as a high-speed typing. WPM means a number of words you can type within a minute. Generally, 50 to 70 WPM considered as a good typing speed. Here we discuss Online Typing Test In English.

How long should you practice typing to get a good speed?

Regular practising is very significant. Make a routing first then follow the routing. If you can manage to practice 20 minutes a day for 2 months you will get a good result and your typing speed may reach 60 WPM easily.

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What is the fastest typing speed in the world?

Currently, Barbara Blackburn is World’s Fastest Typist. She has made this record during a test event in 2005, using a Dvorak simplified keyboard. Here we discuss Online Typing Test In English. Here we discuss Online Typing Test In English.

Are 10 key skills also necessary to learn typing?

The 10 keypad is the group of numbers and symbols on the right side of keyboards. 10 key skills are also necessary to learn typing. Learn 10 Key typing is also important to type mobile numbers or zip code. Normally it requires 9,000 to 10,000 KPH with 95% to 98% accuracy to be a good typist.

How to increase typing speed?

Improve your typing speed by using the touch typing method.

It is the main factor that can improve your typing skill. There are many typing methods available. You may choose any of it, but the touch typing method is the fastest and most accurate typing method.

In this method, the typist doesn’t look at the keyboard while typing. They memorize the keyboard layout. And as they focus on the source only, the typing speed automatically gets increased.

If you are a beginner, this will be a little difficult for you to use touch typing. But once you understand the process and your fingers get set on the keyboard, I am sure you will love this method. To learn touch typing, read this article: Touch Typing Course.

However, if you do not want to learn touch typing, you may go for the “Hunt & Peck” or “Hybrid” method. The “Hunt & Peck” method is the process where the typists read the matter, view content, and then find the keys and type. As this is a long process, it takes more time to type than the touch typing method.

Also, this method has another significant problem. As the person looks at the keyboard while typing if any error occurs, it is impossible to find out.

In this case, you may go for the Hybrid method. It is the combination of “Hunt & Peck” and “Touch typing” method. In this method, the typist memorized the position of major keys and fixed their hand position. They only move their fingers to type. In this manner, they manage to type fast.

Speed is an addiction; don’t let it drive you.

Everyone willing to type fast, and that’s why many people pushed themselves to type fast from the very beginning. It is very dangerous. When you try to type fast, you may make several mistakes. And to rectify those mistakes, you actually waste more time.

So my suggestion is, don’t try hard to type fast. Just do regular practice in the right way, your typing speed will automatically increase.

Typing Games:

Sometimes, you feel annoying to practice typing, particularly when you practice for a long time. Typing games can be helpful at that time. It is also beneficial for a person who is learning touch typing.

Playing typing games is a subsidiary to set fingers in the keyboard. So if you feel bored to practice typing for hours, you may enjoy typing games to improve your typing ability.

What is the best way to practice typing and enhance your typing skill?

You have to understand why you failed to increase your typing speed after a certain limit (50 to 55 WPM).

You failed because you are not focusing on silly things while typing. As you are focusing on the source and the keys that you press, you forget all other factors.

You forget your hand position, sitting position, arm position, hand-eye coordination, and some of you forget to use their small finger too.

Did you ever think why there are two shift keys present in the keyboard? Why your keyboards have the dedicated “10 key-box” and why the spacebar is so long?

It’s because using the shift key to capitalize a character can make your typing fast. It’s better to use the shift key of the right side when you type by the left hand. That’s means if you capitalize the letter “K,” press the shift key by the left hand and for “D” press it by the right hand. Here we discuss Online Typing Test In English.

Although there are a series of number buttons over the letter keys, if you are typing large numbers, using the 10 key set can be helpful.

How to increase typing speed in just 7 days?

Lastly, one thing is significant, dedication. You have to understand that there is no shortcut to increase typing speed within just 7 days. If you started typing recently, you might notice a minimal improvement, even after practising a lot, and this can make you frustrated. You have to understand it is not magic. Your typing speed can’t increase 10 WPM to 60 WPM within just two weeks of practice.

You have to practice a lot without losing hope. Practice makes a man perfect, so you have to practice more and more to be an expert typist. There is no shortcut available to teach you.

What is the average typing speed?

Survey report of March 2020:

In last month we surveyed thousands of people of several occupations. We did the same type of survey earlier in the year 2019, but this time we did it on a vast scale.

We have divided the participants into four classes, back-office workers, students, typists and programmers. In this article, we will revile the detailed analyses of that survey.

Before scolding the survey result, I want to clarify that we conducted this survey online on our website. The participates of different age and occupation join this survey from different parts of the world.

What is a good typing speed?

Now a very important question, what is a good typing speed, and what WPM should we target? We can say that the speed that is above average is good. That’s mean if you are a student; we can say that over 35 words per minute are a good typing speed (as the average typing speed of students is around 34.44 WPM).

But if you wanna be a good typist or a programmer you must have a WPM speed over 60. On average we can say 50 – 60 WPM is a good speed. According to a survey done by Microsoft Corporation, many HR, Managers expect their employees to be able to type above 50 WPM speed. So if you are preparing for a job you should target at least 50 WPM.

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In our survey, we found that a 14 years old girl achieve 83 WPM speed. That’s mean it’s not necessary that students must have a typing speed between 35 to 50 WPM. There is no limit, so practice more and more to improve your typing further.

Fastest typing speed in the world:

The record of being the fastest typist is in the name of Stella Pajunas Garnand. She made this record in 1946 by typing 216 words in one minute. She used an IBM model an electric typewriter to make this record. It is the fastest typing speed ever recorded in the world using a QWERTY layout.

According to some journals and The Guinness World Records, the fastest typist is Barbara Blackburn. Who made this record in 2005 by using a Dvorak keyboard. Her top speed was 212 wpm.

Women achieve both the records, so it’s entirely a wrong myth that the typing speed of girls is lower than the boys.

I hope this detailed report will encourage you to practice typing more and improve your typing speed. Remember the average typing speed of a professional typist is around 60 WPM with more than 98% accuracy rate.

How to increase typing speed?

If you are a student, a teacher, an office representative or a programmer, in a simple word, if you are in a profession where you need to use a computer, a good typing speed can save a lot of time for you. That’s why people are getting interested to learn to type. Here we discuss Online Typing Test In English.

And the most common question that people ask, how I could increase my average typing speed. So here we will tell you how you could improve the average words per minute speed.


So it’s apparent that typist and programmers generally have a better typing skill then the students and office workers. And the final result that we got in our survey is, the average typing speed of students is around 34.44 WPM, approx 33.93 words per minute for office workers, programmers average WPM is 53.76, and typists have the average typing speed of 52.20 WPM.

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