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India Typing Test, CPCT, Mangal Typing, Certificates

India Typing Test is meant with utmost accuracy to deliver great user experience and performance. English is taken into account International Language in Today’s world due to the monopoly of English within the World Arena. within the age of computers, fast typing isn’t a skill only but also a requirement for smart peoples. Fast typing can save many time day by day and fasten and increase your life.


Hindi Typing

We provide online typing facility altogether Indian languages. You’ll type in Hindi and other languages of India like Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam from your English keyboard without knowing typing therein languages. Just type on the keyboard as you speak our magical software will convert it in your language. Its work on Transliteration System you’ve got to Type in English as type SMS and software will convert your English into Hindi text.

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Speech Typing

Type by Speak – Give rest to your fingers now and you’ll sale your keyboard too!!! Why ?? We are offering the foremost awaited feature for typists. Yes, we invented Speech Typing for you. Now you’ll type by just speak in your Mic and therefore the software will convert your voice into text. yes, this is often available in Your own Hindi and English. So what you’re expecting just provides it with an attempt to see the magic of software technologies.

Typing Tutor

We developed the primary Hindi Typing Tutor for Hindi font within the World. Typing Tutor in Hindi and English also, with this typing tutor you’ll learn Hindi typing within 10 days and by practising 1 hour daily you’ll achieve in no time typing speed. With our unique invention and scientific lessons, you’ll be ready to type without seeing the keyboard. We designed the tying tutor with the scientific pattern so in less time you’ll achieve a quick speed of typing. Over Hindi Typing tutor-supported widely used font Kruti Dev, that’s also very useful for candidates who are trying to find government/ private-sector jobs in IT field or clerical jobs.

India Typing Test

We also developed an India Typing Test for Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi and other languages of India. We are the primary and only Company in India that developed typing test altogether Indian languages. Our Typing Test provides an in-depth analysis of your typing skills. With practice more and more you’ll remove your mistakes and sort fast without seeing the keyboard. Test your typing speed now with typing test.

Typing Certification

We are the primary and only Company of India which is providing Free Typing Certificate. Now you’ll get a free Typing Skill Certificate which will be useful in getting jobs. you’ll get your certificate for English also as Hindi typing test. Just take a web test and obtain your typing skill certificate. Your employer can verify certificate score on the web site too. India Typing Certification may be a unique initiative by India Typing for job seekers and professionals, now you’ll claim your typing speed with India typing certification.

Fonts Download

We are offering free font download for our users altogether languages of India. In download menu you’ll find – Hindi fonts, Marathi fonts, Punjabi fonts, Tamil fonts, Telugu fonts, Malayalam fonts, Bengali fonts, Kannada fonts, Gujarati fonts, Oriya fonts, Sanskrit fonts and Unicode fonts for all language also so you’ll type in any language anywhere. If you’ve got any fonts that aren’t listed here you’ll send us so we’ll make available it for download.

Hindi Keyboard Layouts

It is very confusing for a replacement learner that which keyboard should be used for Hindi typing, so we offer all kinds of the keyboard in Hindi. Hindi Keyboard pattern and layouts are available for free of charge download. the varied exam required different Keyboard layouts in Hindi, you’ve got to settle on the proper one for your exam.

English Hindi Translator (Anuvad)

Now the language isn’t a barrier for your communication, we are providing a web tool for translating between English and Hindi languages. Now type in Hindi to gets its English sentence or type in English and obtain its Hindi Translation (Anuvad).

Hindi English Dictionary

Here we are providing English to Hindi Dictionary for translate the Hindi meaning of any English term. We also are offering free software download for (1) Hindi to English and (2) English to Hindi dictionary so you’ll download the utilization the dictionary without the web .

Font Conversion Tool

We also providing Hindi font convert software for free of charge. User can convert their Kruti Dev font to Unicode (Mangal) font and the other way around. By using these tools you don’t get to type again an equivalent text. We are providing most useful Unicode to Kruti to Chankya font converter any font is often converted to a different.

Fast Typing Tips

For the new learners, we offer typing tips and secrets of fast and accurate typing. With the assistance of those tips, you’ll save tons of your time in your lifestyle. By following the following pointers you’ll boost your typing speed and impress your boss, colleagues. It’ll make your life fast and provides you much time to enjoy.

Typing Jobs

Typing jobs information also post on the web site so you’ll check here for any typing jobs in India. Most of the clerk and accounts jobs must have a typing test as a qualification criterion don’t miss the prospect to start out typing practice today and be prepared for your future job today.

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Typing Games

Learn with fun, sometimes we got bored when continuously practising and practising more and more, so we providing some interesting games which will help to find out fast and typing and also prepare your fingers for a faster response as you see a replacement character on screen this method of learning typing is extremely effective so we are providing some typing games try them and learn typing.

Business Solutions

We are proving Typing speed test, data entry test, LDC Typing Test, DEO Typing Test, Stenography test, Shorthand Typing Test, Dictation Typing Test, constable Typing Test, Tax Assistant Typing Test, Court LDC Typing Test software solution for recruitment firms and organizations. For any business, inquiry visit our premium services and get in touch with us today.

How Does English Typing Test Work?

Type as many words as you’ll within the required deadline within the Typing Window Typing Tool will show the typing speed in GWPM(Gross Word Per Minute) and NWPM(Net Word Per Minute). After the test completed you’ll get your overall performance certificate and be your own judge. If you typed an incorrect word it’ll show in red colour and your speed will decrease accordingly so attempt to make fewer mistakes.

This English Typing Test will show you your typing speed [WPM], accuracy, error rate or incorrectly typed words. within the Progress bar situated below Typing test will show real-time data like typing speed [WPM], accuracy, Error rate etc. in order that you’ll check your progress. During English Typing Test, you’ll get your typing progress as WPM (Word Per Minute) value. English Typing speed counting predicated on a generally held method; during which five characters are going to count as one word. As soon because the time is over you’ll get your overall performance card so judge your skills accordingly.

How to Begin English Typing Test?

To start the English typing test, enter your name, select timer and click on on the beginning button. After a short time, a test window will emerge, To assess your typing abilities; click on the typing box and sort the blue highlighted English word within the box written; “click here to start out typing” and press SPACE to start the test in order; that you’ll check your progress in real-time. Benefits of using this India typing test is to practice most often misspelt words; in order that you’ll improve your typing skills and fill the training gap.

Important note for college kids preparing for state jobs Typing Exams:
  • To crack any typing exams remember to place accuracy before speed if you strive towards speed you’d need to compromise with accuracy which is that the wrong tendency.
  • Try to remain alert and your spine erect.
  • Maintain Even posture during Typing Test and don’t make your palms rest on the keyboard.
  • get away with the watching the keyboard completely otherwise it’ll bloom into the wrong habit and you’d never be ready to get obviate it.
  • Nails should stop beforehand.
  • Trying to recollect the keyboard wouldn’t assist you within the least bit so attempt to make finger memory.
  • A Good keyboard is gonna assist you in good way purchase an honest keyboard if you’ll.
Thought of The Day:

Suppose you never ever attempt to learn to type but you employe on PC regularly what’s wrong in it. Now calculate without learning to the type you’ll waste your precious life hours which might use on the other work you would like to accomplish it’s gonna Improve your productivity drastically. believe it.

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