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English Typing Test, Practice Online, Result

The two factors will define the proficiency of the person in typing. Some English typing test used character-based calculation during which 5 characters count as a word, no matter what percentage characters within the particular word. This Character-based calculation has its own benefit love it independent from the text passage, there could also be a more lengthy word in one passage than others, but its calculate same speed all time.


Typing Speed Formula

Some typing test used another calculation speed formula; it counts each bunch of characters separated by space one word. His is understood as word count method for typing test. to know it let take an example:

A Sentence “Here we are finding out typing speed.”

Total Words (Using character methods) = 38 / 5 = 7.6 Words (space also count as a character)

Total Words (Using Word method) = 7 words

In this typing test above we’ve used the second method to calculate word count. In many exams, there are fix word limit like 300 Words need to type within 10 minutes. Usually, the 2nd method used for calculation of word, separated by space.

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The English typing test above will show your typing speed in Word per Minute (WPM). Accuracy is gross and net speed ratio and net Speed. Net Speed will consider your final speed of typing. Here a highlighter will assist you to spot where you’re within the passage. If you skip a word it’ll show during a result that you simply skipped a word. And if you double typed a word it’ll even be shown separately.

Here you’ll choose 200, 300 or 500 words passage as text. The passage comes randomly. You’ll also select the specified timing to require the test. Let’s take a test and improve your speed.

Login not working

Before sending me an email about your login not working, please try every login method (click on the Facebook button, the twitter and therefore the google button). 90% of account login issues happen because users thought that they used a special login method.

My results aren’t visible within the competition

You probably need to unlock your result by completing the anti-cheat-test. At the highest of the page you ought to see ‘notifications’, clicking thereon you’ll be ready to participate in an anti-cheat-test.

WPM – words per minute

WPM-calculation is predicated on the subsequent calculation: 5 keystrokes equal 1 WPM, if you do not believe me, check Wikipedia about Words per minute 🙂

What is a keystroke?

Every key you hit on the keyboard to A letter is one keystroke. The calculation also considers if you’ve got to type uppercase letters or language specific letters who need 2 keystrokes to be typed (for example “A”). for instance “quick” needs 5 keystrokes whereas “America” needs 8 keystrokes.

Why is my score not saved (sometimes)?

If you’ve got a slow computer or doing tons of things simultaneously on your computer, the 60-second timer could be bogged down. This might end in a situation were you rather than having 60 seconds, you really have 70 seconds to type. The server detects this as a cheat attempt (even though it’d just be a slow computer or something associated with this) and doesn’t save the score during this case. You’ll fix this by closing all of your running programs and each tab in your browser.

My scores over 120 WPM aren’t visible:

If you receive a result over 120 WPM you’ve got to unlock it with an anti-cheat-test. Click on the speech bubble at the highest of the location to see for notifications.

Translation – How am I able to help?

If you’d wish to help translate 10FastFingers into your language, please take a glance at the interpretation page: For translations please take a glance at the interpretation page

Where is my achievement?

After you fulfilled the wants for the achievement, please provides it up to five minutes for the achievement to be unlocked.
If it still doesn’t show up, please confirm javascript is activated on your profile page and reload the page.

What is the typical wpm of the population?

The average WPM on 10fastfingers is 42 WPM. This number extracted from over 14 million tests, opened up over 41 languages.

All-time Highscore

You may ask: “Why is there no highscore older than 1 day?” There are a couple of cheaters who use the typing test to satisfy some weird sense of accomplishment by cheating. Albeit I attempt to make it harder for cheaters, it isn’t impossible (and probably not really difficult if you recognize a touch bit about scripts, etc.). If there has an all-time high score, it might just be populated by those individuals and that is why I made a decision against such an inventory, sorry!

How is that the accuracy calculated?

For the calculation of accuracy (used within the text practice mode), the number of mistakes made and therefore the number of corrections used taken into consideration.
Imagine a text requiring exactly 500 keystrokes.

There are 4 possible cases:
  • 0 wrong word and 0 correction: 500 correct entries out of 500 = 500/500 * 100 = 100% accuracy.
  • 0 wrong word and corrections: e.g. 500 correct entries and 25 corrections = 500/(500+25) * 100 = 95,23% accuracy.
  • Wrong words and 0 correction: e.g. 10 wrong words worth 450 correct entries out of 500 = 450/500 * 100 = 90% accuracy.
  • Wrong words and corrections: e.g. 10 wrong words worth 450 correct entries out of 500 and 25 corrections = 450/(500+25) = 85,71% accuracy.
How are the score/points within the Text Practice Mode calculated?

Every time you complete a text you get a score here is how it’s calculated:

  • The number of correct keystrokes multiplied with the accuracy, for example: 500 (correct keystrokes) * 1.0 (100% accuracy) = 500 (acc_points)
  • This value (acc_points) now multiplied with the milliseconds needed to divide by 60000 milliseconds. Let’s imagine it took us 60 seconds to urge 500 correct keystrokes: 500 / (60000 / 60000) = 500 (acc_time_points).
  • This calculation integrates the time into our score, the faster you type correct and accurate, the upper your score.
  • This value (acc_time_points) now multiplied by all keystrokes the text consisted of divided by 500. Let’s imagine the entire text consisted of 500 keystrokes: 500 * (500 / 500) = 500 (acc_time_length_points).
  • This last step will give longer texts a foothold over very short texts (below 500 keystrokes). This often needed or otherwise, very short texts would the simplest thanks to gathering points.

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Here is another calculation, this point with slightly different values:

500 * 0.95 = 475
475 / (62500 / 60000) = 456
456 * (500 / 500) = 456 points

and one more:

42 * 1.0 = 42
42 / (5000 / 60000) = 504
504 * (42 / 500) = 42 points

What is the tie-breaking rule?

If an equivalent WPM: the very best CPM wins.
If an equivalent CPM: rock bottom wrong words wins.
So If same CPM/wrong words: rock bottom corrections win.
If an equivalent CPM/wrong words/corrections: the earliest test took wins.

How am I able to delete my account?

Log into your account, attend your profile page, click on ‘Settings’ and at rock bottom you’ll find a ‘Delete Account’ Button. Remember that when your account has deleted, it cannot be restored and you’ve got to make a replacement one.

Is typing 40 words a moment good?

A typing speed above 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) is above the typical score, and over 100 WPM typically consider a high speed (when it achieve with zero errors).

What is the pass mark for English typing test?

What is the passing score for a typing test? These are average WPM many different professions: Clerical and administrative jobs: 35-40 WPM. Federal government officials jobs: 40 WPM.

Is typing 55 words a moment good?

Thus you ought to aim for a typing speed of a minimum of 40 WPM to stay up a typical level of efficiency at work. To land employment as a private assistant, you would possibly require to type a minimum of 60 words per minute. Word processors generally must be ready to type from 55 to 90 words per minute.

Is it possible to type 200 wpm?

It is possible, but very hard to average 200 wpm. Not quite common, but I bet there’s a couple which will peak 200. Sean Wrona has achieved it. So if you’ve got memorized a text or given a brief text with quite common words, you can. English Typing Test is easy in comparison to Hindi Typing.

What is the minimum typing speed required for data entry?

60 W.P.M.

The usual minimum requirement of words per minute for alphanumeric data entry is 60 W.P.M. While 100 and above is that the touch system level of a secretary. English Typing Test is easy in comparison to Hindi Typing.

Is 300 wpm possible?

In very short bursts yes. When typing a little sentence people like Kukkain can recover from 300 wpm however holding it for a big amount of your time no. It seems that humans basically reach at holding 200 wpm for the longest periods of your time if we recover.

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