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Online Speed Typing Test


What will I do if Login is not working?

Before sending me an email about your login not working, it would be ideal if you attempt each login technique (click on the facebook button, the twitter and the google button). 90% of record login issues happen on the grounds that clients felt that they utilized an alternate login technique. If this problem has solved, your online typing speed test will go easy.

My outcomes are not obvious in the opposition:

You presumably need to open your outcome by finishing the counter cheat-test. At the head of the page your should see ‘notices’, tapping on it you will have the option to partake in an enemy of cheat-test.

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WPM – words every moment:

WPM-count depends on the accompanying estimation: 5 keystrokes equivalent 1 WPM, in the event that you don’t trust me, check Wikipedia about Words every moment 🙂

What is a keystroke?

Each key you hit on the console to type a letter is one keystroke. The count likewise considers on the off chance that you need to type capitalized letters or language explicit letters who need 2 keystrokes to be composed (for instance “A”). For instance “fast” needs 5 keystrokes while “America” needs 8 keystrokes.

For what reason is my score not spared (now and again)?

On the off chance that you have a moderate PC or doing a great deal of things at the same time on your PC, the 60-second clock may be eased back down. This may bring about a circumstance were you as opposed to having 60 seconds, you really have 70 seconds to type. The worker recognizes this as a cheat endeavor (despite the fact that it may very well be a moderate PC or something identified with this) and doesn’t spare the score for this situation. You can fix this by shutting the entirety of your running projects and each tab in your program.

Interpretation – How would I be able to help?

On the off chance that you might want to help make an interpretation of 10 Fast Fingers into your language, if it’s not too much trouble investigate the interpretation page: For interpretations please investigate the interpretation page

Where is my accomplishment?

After you fullfilled the necessities for the accomplishment, so kindly surrender it to 5 minutes for the accomplishment to be opened.

On the off chance that it despite everything doesn’t appear, it would be ideal if you ensure javascript is enacted on your profile page and reload the page.

How would you know which language explicit characters need more than 1 keystroke?

All dialects in online speed typing test: every capitalized letter (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ)


2 keystrokes: à è ò é í ó ú Ç ! ” · $ % and/( ) ? ¿ @ # € ; : [ ] { } \

3 keystrokes: À È Ò É Í Ó Ú ï ü

4 keystrokes: Ï Ü

Chinese and Japanese:

I presently simply quintuple the characters. For instance: “明年” will consider 10 keystrokes.


2 keystrokes: ó/( ? : ! ” ‘ ° % _ | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 letter)

3 keystrokes: ď ť ň (move + ˇ, letter)

3 keystrokes: Á É Í Ó Ú Ý (‘, move + letter)

4 keystrokes: Ě Š Č Ř Ž Ň Ť Ď Ů (move + ˇ, move + letter)

Danish: Æ Ø Å (2 keystrokes)
Dutch: é (2 keystrokes)
Esperanto: ĉ ŭ ŝ ĝ ĵ ĥ (2 keystrokes)

2 keystrokes: â ê î ô û (^ + an e I o u)

3 keystrokes: Â Ê Î Ô Û (^ + move + an e I o u) ä ë ï ü ÿ (move + ¨ + an e I u y) Ä Ë Ï Ü (move staying squeezed + ¨ + an e I u)

4 keystrokes: À È Ù (Alt Gr + ‘ + move + an e u), Ç = Alt + 128 = 4 keystrokes, É = Alt + 144 = 4 keystrokes

Œ = Alt + 0140 = 5 keystrokes œ = Alt + 0156 = 5 keystrokes Ÿ = Alt + 0159 = 5 keystrokes

German: Ä Ö Ü

2 keystrokes: ά ή ί ώ ό ύ έ Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω

3 keystrokes: ϊ ϋ ΐ ΰ Ά Ή Ί Ώ Ό Ύ Έ

4 keystrokes: Ϊ Ϋ


2 keystrokes: é,ú,í,ó,á,ý (^ + e u I o a y)

3 keystrokes: É,ý,ú,í,ó,á (^ + move + e y u I a)

Italian: é

Korean: Korean Keystrokes are presently determined effectively for each word.

Latvian: ē ū ī ā š ģ ķ ļ ž č ņ (2 keystrokes)
Lithuanian: ą č ę ė į š ų ū ž (2 keystrokes)
Persian:ژ آ ء ّ َ ُ ِ

Clean: ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż

Portuguese: ã õ á é í ó ú (2 keystrokes), à â ê î ô û (3 keystrokes)
Romanian: ă â î ș ț

2 keystrokes: á é í ó ú Ñ ª ! ” $ % and/( ) ? ¿ @ # € ; : [ ] { } \

3 keystrokes: Á É Í Ó Ú ü

4 keystrokes: Ü

Turkish: Ö Ü Ç Ş Ğ I

2 keystrokes: ă â á à ạ ả ã đ é è ẻ ẽ ẹ ê í ì ỉ ĩ ị ô ơ ó ò ỏ õ ọ ư ú ù ủ ũ ụ ý ỳ ỷ ỹ ỵ

3 keystrokes: ắ ằ ặ ẳ ẵ ấ ầ ậ ẩ ẫ ế ề ể ễ ệ ố ồ ổ ỗ ộ ớ ờ ở ỡ ợ ứ ừ ử ữ ự

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  • On the off chance that your language is missing explicit “2-keystroke”- characters, so if it’s not too much trouble let me know:
  • My iPad auto-underwrites the primary character of each word
  • You can deactivate this conduct, so if you don’t mind adhere to this guidance: How to Make an iPad Stop Typing Initial Caps
What is the normal wpm of the populace:

The normal WPM on 10 fast fingers is 42 WPM. This number is separated from more than 14 million tests, spread out more than 41 dialects.

Untouched Highscore:

You may ask: “Why would that be no highscore more seasoned than 1 day?” There are a couple of miscreants who utilize the online typing speed test to fulfill some abnormal feeling of achievement by cheating. Despite the fact that I attempt to make it harder for con artists, its certainly feasible (and most likely not so much troublesome on the off chance that you know a smidgen about contents, and so forth.). On the off chance that there were a record-breaking highscore, it would simply be populated by those people and that is the reason I ruled against such top notch, sorry!

How is the exactness determined?
  • For the count of precision (utilized in the content practice mode) the measure of mix-ups made and so the quantity of rectifications utilized is contemplated.
  • Envision a book requiring precisely 500 keystrokes. So there are 4 potential cases.
  • 0 wrong word and 0 amendment: 500 right passages out of 500 = 500/500 * 100 = 100% exactness.
  • 0 wrong word and amendments: for example 500 right passages and 25 redresses = 500/(500+25) * 100 = 95,23% precision.
  • Wrong words and 0 amendment: for example 10 wrong words worth 450 right passages out of 500 = 450/500 * 100 = 90% exactness.
  • Wrong words and amendments: for example 10 wrong words worth 450 right passages out of 500 and 25 redresses = 450/(500+25) = 85,71% precision.
  • Much obliged to you Linsk for thinking of this 🙂
How are the score/focuses in the Text Practice Mode determined?

Everytime you complete a content you get a score, so here is the means by which it is determined:

  • The quantity of right keystrokes duplicated with the exactness, for instance: 500 (right keystrokes) * 1.0 (100% precision) = 500 (acc_points)
  • This worth (acc_points) presently duplicated with the milliseconds required partitioned by 60000 milliseconds. So lets state it tooks us 60 seconds to get 500 right keystrokes: 500/(60000/60000) = 500 (acc_time_points).
  • So this figuring coordinates the time into our score, the quicker you type right and precise, the higher your score.
  • This worth (acc_time_points) currently duplicated by all keystrokes the content comprised of partitioned by 500. So lets state the entire content comprised of 500 keystrokes: 500 * (500/500) = 500 (acc_time_length_points).
  • This last advance will give longer messages an edge over exceptionally short messages (under 500 keystrokes). This required or in any case exceptionally short messages would be the most ideal approach to accumulate focuses.
Here is another figuring, this time with marginally various qualities:
  • 500 * 0.95 = 475
  • 475/(62500/60000) = 456
  • 456 * (500/500) = 456 focuses
  • what’s more, one more:
  • 42 * 1.0 = 42
  • 42/(5000/60000) = 504
  • 504 * (42/500) = 42 focuses
How might I erase my record?

Sign into your record, go to your profile page, click on ‘Settings’ and so at the base you will discover an ‘Erase Account’ Button. Know that once your record has been erased, it can’t be reestablished and you need to make another one.

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