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CPCT English Typing test is key mastery needed for a newcomer applying to Government Jobs for explicit positions. With the progress in development, the old system for assessing typing has been discarded and one more solution for looking over Typing has been made and the examination ought to be workable for English Typing and Hindi Typing both. This new system of looking over Typing had enabled us to test composing rate, precision and various limits of candidates right away.

Available Features:

While assessing Typing with the reference content gave:

  • Just a single composing test type question will be open to the candidate.
  • If in any capacity whatsoever the candidate gets rushed, by then following opening the new typing question will be available for the contender and the clock will start from the beginning for instance candidate will get the entire get-together opportunity to address a new typing type question.
  • During composing candidate will not be allowed to use phenomenal keys and simply the picked language and control centre plan will be viewed as an assessment.
  • Applicable information will be displayed during composing and a framework will similarly be displayed to the newcomer close to the completion of composing examination showing the contender’s composing execution with respect to Net Words consistently (NWPM) as composing Speed.
  • ‘Submit’ catch will be displayed on composing course of action and the contender can introduce the test once the total substance is composed or presumably the composed substance will auto-submit if the given time is utilized.

Watchword Description:

  • Right Words = count of words composed by the rival in the message zone; assessed as a right as indicated by the alluded to message.
  • Inaccurate Words = count of words typed by the rival in the message an area; overviewed as the wrong equivalent to the alluded to message.
  • Keystroke count (KSC) = count of characters typed by the promising new kid in town in the text area.
  • KSC WO prohibit the characters annihilated in the limitless mode
  • Erase key incorporation is prohibited from KSC.
  • Delete count = number of times the Backspace key is pressed.
  • Gross Words (GW) = all dwarf of right and mistaken words composed by the candidate in the text region. This is moreover treated as Typed Words.
  • Net Words (NW) = complete number of right words composed by the promising new kid on the block in-text zone.
  • Exactness = extent of right words to the Gross Words composed by the promising new kid in town in-text zone for instance the extent of Net Words to the Gross Words composed.
  • Time Taken = time in seconds taken by the likelihood to type in text-domain.

Result Calculation:

  • As a result, calculating the word in a text composed by the candidate in the text domain recognizes by secluding the substance with the SPACE character.
  • There are two kinds of requests in typing tests instance Confined Type and Unrestricted sort.
  • Confined sort = candidate will not have the choice to type wrong words and will similarly not have the choice to change the typed substance.
  • Unlimited sort = candidate will have the choice to type wrong words and will in like manner have the choice to adjust/delete the typed substance.
  • For CPCT, the Unrestricted sort of typing method uses, for giving consistent energy to typing.

Condition for Unrestricted Type:

  • Gross Words (GW) = Correct + Incorrect Words.
  • Gross Words consistently (GWPM) = Gross Words/TimeTaken in Mins
  • Net Words = Correct words Typed.
  • Net words consistently (NWPM) = Net Words/TimeTaken in Mins
  • Exactness Percentage= NWPM*100/GWPM


In view of the essentials and the imaginative progress and the wellsprings of data shared by Subject Matter Experts (Sme’s), the above strategy and the condition are not entirely set in stone for reviewing typing in CPCT.


Every one of the information and the calculative conditions portrayed above is for reference and logical explanation. Simply Net words consistently (NWPM) will be the finished result and will show in CPCT Score Card. NWPM will treat as a composing pace of the contender.

How might you meet all prerequisites for the CPCT English typing test?

  • The contender should have passed Higher Secondary or Polytechnic Diploma after the 10th.
  • The promising newcomer should have completed 18 years of age as of the date of enlistment. The CPCT scorecard will be authentic for quite a while (proper from August’19 tests) from the Exam Date.

What is the breeze through engrave for composing evaluation?

These are typical WPM scores for different purposes of living: Clerical and legitimate positions: 35-40 WPM. Government normal help occupations: 40 WPM.

What is the CPCT scorecard?

Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAPIT) releases MP CPCT results online at The result articulates as a scorecard, candidates can download the scorecard by marking it with the client id and a mystery word. Candidates need to score at least half stamps to qualify for the test.

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Is Typing 90 wpm incredible?

You would meet all necessities for any composing position it is adequately high to anticipate your composing accuracy.

  • 80 WPM: You’re a stunt! Any business looking for a typist couldn’t need anything over to have you.
  • 90 WPM: At this CPCT English composing test, you’re probably a gamer, coder, or virtuoso.

FAQs on CPCT Typing Test English:

Why Mangal’s text style isn’t working?

The course of action: Install Hindi Unicode Font like Mangal, Arial Unicode MS, Aparajita, etc If you are using Windows XP or more prepared windows os, by then, you really want to present the Hindi Language pack as well. Basically, reorder Hindi literary styles in the Control board and Font Folder or visit Font Installation Instruction Here.

How should I chip away at typing?

  • Do whatever it takes not to flood when you recently started learning. Speed up when your fingers hit the right keys absent a lot of planning.
  • Take as much time depending on the situation while composing to avoid bungles. The speed will get as you progress.
  • Ceaselessly look at the substance a word or two early.
  • Pass all composing practices at Ratatype

What measure of time does it expect to sort out some way to type 40 wpm?

The proportion of time required partners with the proportion of time and effort you put in, notwithstanding, the most ideal situations, you should have the choice to sort out some way to type by memory at 40 WPM in as short a period as around fourteen days.

What is the CPCT PC course?

PC Proficiency and Certification Test (CPCT) has begun in the State to study Computer Proficiency and Typing Skills of hopefuls of Government occupations. PC Based Online appraisal assesses the abilities using Multi Choice Questions (MCQ) based examination and CPCT Typing test (English and Hindi Typing).

How might I download the CPCT scorecard?

The Process to download the Admit Card/Hall Ticket from the candidate’s record can see on the CPCT Official Website by tapping “On the most capable technique to download the Admit Card” in the Instructions fragment.

How might I change my CPCT selection structure?

To make changes, contenders need to get to the understudy login by entering the client id and mystery state. Candidates can change a couple of nuances in the MP CPCT structure by paying the charge of Rs. 50 for every request in internet-based mode. Other than the internet-based model, no fax/email in such a way recognized.

How might I download the CPCT surrender card

  • Visit the authority site –
  • On the presentation page, Under Notice click on “Surrender Cards Live for CPCT Scheduled on “February 22, 29 and March 1, 2020″- Click Here to Download.”
  • In the accompanying page, fill in the nuances like User ID and Password.

Is 200 wpm possible?

It is possible, but uncommonly challenging to average 200 WPM. Not especially ordinary, yet rather I bet there is an unassuming bundle that can top 200. Sean Wrona has achieved it. If you have held a substance or given a short book with ordinary words, you can.

What is Mangal’s literary style?

Mangal is an OpenType text style for the Indic content – Devanagari. It relies upon Unicode, contains TrueType graphs and has expected for used as a UI text style.

What measure of time does it expect to get the hang of composing?

From my experience, it takes at least a multi-week to learn central typing (20 wpm) and 15 – 20 days to get a composing speed of 40-59 wpm with the regular act of 2-3 hours. All things required are your affirmation and the time each day which you accommodate preparing.

How should I accelerate to 150 wpm?

  • Guarantee you can type unusual pictures like dash, quotes, yell centres, nooks, and numbers.
  • Guarantee your fingering is authentic.
  • You need to ease off to speed up: If you don’t have 1 and 2 down, guarantee you postponed down while practising these things.
  • Custom fingering.
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